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Product: Online cash register app

Kurt is an online cash register app. It is most suitable for small firms, especially in the services sector. Through its very simple structure it is easy to use and you create your receipt within a few seconds.


  • Receipt in different print formats (PC printer or bon printer)
  • Receipt instantly as email
  • Receipts parking for later finish
  • Data export
  • Statistics & closures


  • PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Meets all legal requirements
  • incl Update for 2017
  • Regularly backups on server in DE or AUT
  • Is running on all modern browsers


  • Receipt customizing
  • Organize services / products
  • Setup customizing
  • Choose discounts
  • Customer management
  • User management (in planning)

Kurt was built especially for the service sector. Easy, fast and reliable – simply Kurt. Kurt loves to work in the following areas:

Kurt, cash register for all service provider sport training Sport & Training
Ski & Snowboard
Fitness & EMS
and others ...
Kurt, cash register for all service provider wellness beauty Beauty & Wellness
Style consultant
Hand and chiropodist
Tattoo studios
Manicure salon
and others ...
Kurt, cash register for all service provider health life Health & Life
Nutrition consultation
Healing massage
Social counselling
and others ...
Kurt, cash register for all service provider education consulting Counseling & Training
Private lessons & learning groups
Business consulting
Language schools
and others ...

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Create a test account and try our application without any obligation. You only need to register here and can start to print test receipts straight away. You can delete this account anytime. It does not upgrade automatically into a paid account. Promotional offer valid until June 30, 2016.
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Price: Better than free

Earn with kurt, the cash register in two steps!


  • 0 EUR ( One Off 200 = premium of tax authority)
  • Profit between 50 and 100 EUR depending on tax base
  • more details will show our example below
  • You just need to fill in the Form 108c and submit it with your tax declaration


  • Earning by receipt advertisement between 50 and 150 EUR per year
  • We take care of suitable advertising partners for your receipts
  • You decide whether to advertise or not
  • The more receipts you generate, the more money you earn

If you pay 200 EUR (incl. VAT) for the cash register Kurt in 2016*, then it doesn‘t cost you anything. Even better, you will earn money of around 70 EUR! Also, there are no ongoing monthly costs. Find more details in our E-Book.

Use Kurt, the cash register and earn 70

Example of a person with an income of 25.000 EUR /year

Kurt, cash register app example calculation state subsidy
Kurt, example cash register comparison free of charge
Source: Einkommensrechner bzw. Gesetzestext (§ 124b Z296 EstG Ziffer 296a)
* Due at 1.Juli 2016.

E-book: Cash register news

You are seeking answers to questions as:

  • What is the difference between receipt and invoice?
  • Do I need a bon printer?
  • Which cash registers do provide online and offline function?
  • How do I get 200 EUR for the purchase of a cash register?
  • Important dates

You find the answers to these and many more questions in the following ebook and following newsletter (just enter your email – adress and press request button)

latest news on cash register now available as e-book

Contact: Ask Kurt, the cash register

Just try it for free! Contact us, if you have any further questions. The team of Kurt.Cash takes care for you, provides you detailed information and reminds you of important events.